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Concealer Brush #17

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    Achieve flawless coverage with this wide angled brush designed with a straight-cut tip. More than just concealer, this brush is great for fine lines like eyeliner, eyebrow definer and lip liner. Loved by both beauty beginners and professional artists alike, 3CE brushes are easy to clean, easy to use and made with high-quality synthetic brushes that feel soft against the skin.

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1 review

The worst bristles ever!

It's a huge regret for me to buy this brush. I seriously thought that the bristles would be soft and thus easy to blend. Unexpectedly, it performed like a super cheap makeup brush that if you had got a chance to try before buying, you would have never bought it. In fact, the bristles are like they're made by nylon or something similar. With almost similar price to Urban Decay ($2 cheaper in Australia), I do suggest that you guys should go for Urban Decay! Even their double-ended brush for eye shadow can totally work as a concealer brush. Wanted to return but I wouldn't have known this if I hadn't tried!

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