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365 Cellular Elixir Youth Prolongation Serum

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    Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir Youth Prolongation Serum is an anti-ageing treatment great for those who want to proactively fight signs of ageing. With antioxidants from naturally sourced ingredients, it repairs skin damage caused by collagen destruction and free radicals. It is a perfect product for those preventing lines and wrinkles.


    • Smoothens skin
    • Reduces lines and wrinkles
    • Increases skin elasticity
    • Leaves skin radiant
    • Decreases wrinkles

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    • Apply about three drops to the face before moisturising.
    • Lightly massage or press the product on the skin. Allow the skin to absorb it.
    • Use it in the morning and at night.

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ratings & reviews
2 Reviews

50ml - Good moisturiser for basic hydration

Works for me and gives me basic hydration. The texture feels a bit waxy and I use it at night as it can get a little oily if I use in the daytime. No effect for me so far. Maybe because I use other skincare products too. Doesn't sound as good as the reviews are, at least for me.

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30ml - Made My Skin Feel Sandy!

After reading dozens of positive reviews online, I decided to buy this product. After the first application, I was so excited because a lot of the reviews proved true - the product was non-greasy, smelled great and spread on the skin beautifully. Unfortunately, I had to stop using it a couple of days in. Not only did my skin get sandy in texture, a dozen or so small whiteheads also started popping up. So disappointing!

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