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Anastasia brandwb
Anastasia Beverly Hills

An icon in the beauty industry, Anastasia Soare is known for creating nearly perfect brows using the golden ratio method. In 1997, she founded Anastasia Beverly Hills and has since expanded beyond brow makeup to lip and contour products. As always, the purpose of every product is to bring proportion and balance to the face.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills | Sephora New Zealand

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the go-to brand for impeccable, well-shaped brows. And now that ABH is available on Sephora New Zealand online, you have easy access to getting those perfect brows of your dreams! Explore all sorts of tools and makeup products great for both amateur and professional use with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ collection, which you can now purchase online via Sephora New Zealand.

For simple filling in of the eyebrows, you can purchase the Brow Pen or Dipbrow Pomade. Take it a step further by defining those arches with Brow Powder Duo. To groom your brows in shape and keep them staying put all day, be sure to finish off the process with the Brow Fix Primer, Tinted Brow Gel, or Clear Brow Gel.

Are you a beginner when it comes to drawing on your brows, and lack the confidence to nail that perfect brow shape? Fret not. Anastasia Beverly Hills offers Stencils that you can use for guidance. Alternatively, get the entire set: The Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes; and your complete eye look is pretty much set.

Grooming and shaping your brows just gets easier when you apply with a proper brush. Brush #15 is shaped to help you get that angle right, while Brush #12 and Brush #7 tidy your brow hairs into submission, just with a few sweeps.

Now that you have that perfect brow shape, why not make your look complete? Don’t leave the house without using The Original Contour Kit and Waterproof Crème Colour liner for your face and eyes.

With a variety of beauty solutions for your brows, eyes and more, it’s no wonder Anastasia Beverly Hills is such a favourite amongst supermodels, actresses, and makeup artists. Shop now at your own convenience thanks to online access to the range on Sephora New Zealand.

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