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Rose Quartz Radiance Rose Quartz Radiance

Rose Quartz


Discover the Rose Quartz Radiance look, inspired by pearlescent pastel hues like soft pink and rose gold present in rose quartz crystals. Flaunt an ethereal, lit-from-within glow with pinkish hues on the eyes, cheeks and lips. Finish the look with natural-looking lashes and loose curls for a trendy K-beauty vibe.

Fresh & Rosy
Fresh & Rosy
Citrine Glow Citrine Glow



Inspired by yellow gold citrine crystals, the luminous look is all about glistening gilded hues. Go full glam and opt for shades of champagne gold and warm gold on your eyelids, cheekbones, nose bridge and pout. For a head-turnin’ finish, choose supercharged, high-intensity highlighters that catch the light at every angle.

Solid Gold, Baby
Solid Gold, Baby
Opal Iridescence Opal Iridescence



Much like holographic highlighters, opal stones flash iridescent hues when viewed from different angles. This opal-inspired look is all about getting an otherworldly sheen with shimmery and holographic highlighters in lavender, violet and blue hues.

Head-turnin' Prismatic Hues
Head-turnin' Prismatic Hues
Shimmer Scale Shimmer Scale



What’s your highlighter style: Dewy Sheen, Shimmery Glow or Megawatt Shine? Discover luminisers that range from subtle to dramatic: go dewy for a youthful glass skin look, opt for shimmer for a glamorous glow or choose a blindingly bright hue for an intense flare.

Highlighters by Texture Highlighters by Texture


by Texture

Highlighters come in various textures like cream, liquid and powder. Cream highlighters melt right into skin and don’t emphasise bumps or fine lines, so these are great for textured skin. Liquid highlighters are easy to apply for a natural-looking dewy sheen, and can be used as a base for powder highlighters. If you want your highlight to last all day, powder highlighters are your best bet!

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Highlighter Makeup Guide

Glow is so IN and the highlighter look for you just four steps away. For the uninitiated, highlighter is a face makeup that attracts the light and creates the illusion of brightness for that lit-from-within look that the beauty-obsessed are, well, obsessed with right now. Celebs often pair highlighter with contour shades to create that ultra-sculpted look, but you don’t have to be a contouring pro to enjoy a touch of shimmer. Like all things makeup, highlighter comes in a variety of shades and textures to suit every skin tone and type, and there is a system behind getting it to catch the light in just the right way. Keep reading to learn about the best ways to apply highlighter, different formulas, how to achieve your ultimate level of glow, plus highlighting looks you need to try.

How to Get the Glow in 4 Steps

1. Prep: Your skincare routine is an important first step to making sure your highlighter works its best. Clean, hydrated skin is key to a healthy, natural-looking glow. Before applying any makeup products, make sure to use a gentle face wash, exfoliator, and moisturiser to create a smooth, supple canvas.
2. Prime: These days, a good makeup primer is much more than just a makeup base. Look for one packed with hydrating ingredients to replenish skin throughout the day and blurring properties that diffuse the light and create a soft-focus glow that will really make your highlighter pop.
3. Perfect: Even out your complexion with your coverage of choice. Foundation typically provides fuller coverage, but a lighter weight bb cream or tinted moisturiser will work too, depending on the look you’re going for.
4. Finish: Now you’re ready to illuminate and shine. Use a highlighter brush to sweep on the highlighter of your choice—powder, cream, liquid, or gel. Not sure where to apply highlighter? Just think the highpoints of your face that would naturally catch the light: cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, your Cupid’s bow, and the jawline into the hairline. Using a highlighter fan brush can help blend the product into your foundation more naturally for a seamless look. Don’t forget to use a finishing powder all over to set your hard-earned glow in place all day.

Experimenting with highlighter should be fun and we’re here to help. Create a luminous look with the best highlighters in champagne, gold, pink, white or silver. Discover your next glow kit or highlighter palette when you shop online at Sephora. Shop highlighter makeup from top brands to find the shade and texture that’s right for you. With so many options, your skin’s future is looking ultra-bright!

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