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Eye Makeup | Sephora New Zealand

It is said that eyes are the windows of the soul. They are able to hook, enrapture and bewitch with one look. When enhanced by makeup, they create an even more powerful appeal through the combination of colours and different strokes. Highlighting the eyes creates dynamic impact on your makeup and gets you noticed instantly. The entire effect of lines and colours can transform the simplest of looks into something more stylish and glamorous, depending on the kind of look you want.

Sephora offers a wide assortment of eye makeup to serve your specific needs. Whether in need of a stunning eyeshadow palette, a perfectly pointed eyeliner or a voluminous mascara, your eye makeup will always be just the way you want it, with Sephora’s huge selection of beauty products. Whether you're a beginner or pro, it is necessary that you have reliable products that will give you the best results possible.


Among the most basic of eye makeup is eyeshadow, which creates a wonderful display of colour on your eyelids. Eyeshadows come in so many different colours and palettes and, at times, one can get a little anxious trying to find colours that complement each other. Not to worry though, for Sephora offers eye palettes which simplify the techniques of eye makeup by offering an idiot-proof way of blending eyeshadows.

Dress your eyes with shimmer and metallic eyeshadows or complementary sparkly shades. There are many other types of eyeshadows available, offering individual pots of colours to whole eyeshadow palettes with a running theme of colours. Take your pick from among the top eyeshadow brands that showcase a range of basic to sophisticated eye makeup palettes that are easy-to-use, both by beginners and professionals alike. With the products offered by Sephora, you can now create a full range of different styles and effects for your eyes, capturing others' gazes from afar!

Basic palettes come in easily blendable shades for beginners and women on the go, typically showcasing complementary colours in one palette which are appropriate for everyday or casual styles. On the other hand, for those who seek a a wider range of different looks and effects for your eye makeup, try palettes with highly-pigmented shades in matte and shimmery colours or palettes with a bright collection of super-saturated and intense colours.


Shapely and defined eyes are made possible by your choice of eyeliner. Whether it’s pencil, liquid or gel, eyeliners create a unique and subtle difference on your entire eye makeup. Bring depth and expressiveness to your eyes with your choice eyeliner. Eyeliners also add a subtle effect to your eye makeup by creating fine details that enhance the shape of your eyes. Try all our top-quality liners that offer many different ways to draw your lines!

Mascara & False Eyelashes

Another secret to bold and beautiful eyes is effective mascara. Mascaras contributes to a more dramatic effect for your eye makeup. They add fullness and volume to your lashes, drawing attention to your eyes from afar. Do away with a dull and sleepy look by embracing a wider, brighter gaze. When it comes to mascara, it is better to use the deepest shade with a suave consistency. This will give you improved volume when showing off your lashes. Starters should opt for basic mascaras which easily enhance your lashes without any mess, are smudge-proof and prevents clumping.

Meanwhile, fuller and longer-looking effects can be achieved when using products that serve to create a dramatic effect that naturally draws attention to your eyes. For even lengthier and fuller lashes, you can try on false eyelashes, which you simply attach onto your lash line for a denser and more uniform eyelash cover. Try false lashes that stick easily on your lashline for a natural look that is subtle yet make visible differences to your eyes.

Eye Primer

Get an eye primer that cares for your skin while sealing in your eyeshadow colours. Try eye primers with moisturising formulas that conceal and eradicates undereye darkness by brightening and blurring imperfections. Illuminates your eyes and deflect the focus on your undereye dark circles to your beautifully made-up eyes with the help of both primers and eyeshadows!

How To Do A Smokey Eye

1) Start with an eye primer to create a base and keep eyeshadow in place. Blend all over lid with your fingers.
2) Begin with the lightest shade of eyeshadow and brush it across your entire lid.
3) Apply a charcoal grey. Start near the lashline, and blend to the center of your eyelid. Smudge out and up towards the edge of your eye to create a dark V-shape.
4) Dab some gloss on the shadow and rub slightly to get a nice subtle sheen. Re-apply if needed.
5) Finish with eyeliner on your lashline. To create a double eyelid look, thicken eyeliner.

Shop Eye Makeup Online

Our eyes become most prominent when it comes to face-to-face interactions, especially as they are the most expressive features on our face. Furthermore, when enhanced by makeup through the combination of colours and different strokes, our eyes have the potential to evoke powerful appeal. Discover our fabulous range of eye makeup products when you explore Sephora online. Sephora offers products free from parabens, gluten, toxic chemicals and other skin-safe options. Explore other eye makeup to add to your current stash. Fill your cart with your favourite makeup products, and with our speedy delivery timings, you’ll have them all in no time at all!

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