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Makeup Tools & Brushes | Sephora New Zealand

Makeup tools and brushes are the daily essentials we can't do without. Without these tools, we face uneven makeup application, tangled and messy hair, untamed brows, hairy underarms and more. Tools and brushes are our helping hands when it comes to taming our wild and tangled manes, grooming and shaping our brows, applying our makeup, curling our eyelashes, and many more other daily duties. It is not everyday that you will find the perfect tool for your personal grooming needs, but once you find it, this tool becomes the everyday tool you can't live without.

Makeup Brushes

Makeup tools are like the personal assistants of your makeup products. Without such tools, buying the product on its own becomes almost pointless! Imagine using your fingers to scrape at that gorgeous-looking shade of eyeshadow on your palette, then applying it on with your fingers. Firstly, the eyeshadow would not be perfectly distributed, and secondly, you would end up wasting quite a lot of that precious powder in the process. Not to mention, the feel of all that fine pigment powder trapped under your fingernails would surely make you an undesirable shade crosser.

Often, when outside or at work, we may not always have clean fingers that will allow us to touch up on our makeup. For makeup application, it is advisable to use tools such as makeup brushes or sponge applicators for a hygienic and on-the-go means of applying makeup. On top of individual brushes, we also offer makeup brush sets with finely-made and durable makeup brushes, which typically includes a complete range of brushes for foundation, eye makeup, concealers, and blending.

Makeup Sponges and Applicators

Another clean and easy application of makeup is by using makeup sponges and sponge applicators. You'll love our small and light sponge applicators which are convenient to carry them around for touching up on one's makeup anytime of the day.

A well-loved and uniquely designed sponge applicator is the BeautyBlender, which features a unique egg-shaped sponge that allows for easy and flawless application of makeup onto even the hard-to-reach areas of your face! Or try a foam applicator suitable for liquid foundations and cream concealers.

Hair Tools & Skincare Devices

Without our handy tools and brushes, we risk looking wild and unkempt. Think about not having a hair brush or a comb to untangle and brush your hair in the morning. Comb easily through messy, tangled hair with Tangle Teezer's brushes which are designed to painlessly rid your hair of knots, eliminate tangles and reduce hair breakage.

To pamper your skin, Sephora offers high-tech skincare devices that are able to optimize your regular skin cleansing ritual. We offer Clarisonic's face brushes for your facial skin, these brushes employs sonic frequency to cleanse the skin more effectively than normal methods and traditional superficial cleansing devices. Whichever your choice, you are guaranteed better skin in no time.

Makeup Cases

Finally, pack all of these necessary tools into a Beauty Vanity case, which is essentially a good-sized makeup bag that is useful for storing and carrying all your makeup and tools.

Shop Makeup Tools Online

Tools and brushes are the number one useful objects in our daily lives. Thankfully, Sephora has a whole collection of essential tools for your personal grooming. Delight in our range of useful and quality tools that will help you upkeep your well-groomed and polished appearance everyday! With the huge range of tools offered, you are bound to find one that suits you perfectl. Shop online at Sephora today for authentic products, fast shipping and a smooth shopping experience!

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