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Hair Care and Hair Styling | Sephora New Zealand

A great hairdo completes the perfect look. Never underestimate the importance of your hairstyle on your overall image! As emphasised by the expression ""Bad Hair Day"", our hair has the power to either make break our day. Imagine getting all dressed up for a great night out only to find out What's Not: your hair—which falls limply or simply looks flat. Thankfully, bad hair is not an irremediable situation. Sephora is glad to proffer a comprehensive collection of hair products, from shampoos and conditioners to hair styling creams to hair treatments and tools.

Shampoo, Conditioner and Dry Shampoo

Shampoos and conditioners are the daily fundamentals for cleaning and replenishing the nutrients in your hair. We stock a luxurious collection of shampoos and conditioners with formulas that doesn't just clean, but also nourishes and strengthens your hair. Additionally, we also offer dry shampoos, which is a convenient and time-saving way of cleaning your hair for those who are always short of time.

Hair Treatments

A holistic approach to caring for our bodies is the way to go. Hence, it is important that we take good care of our hair as well, in our pursuit of good physical health. Sephora is glad to present you with its range of pampering hair care products that will boost your hair health and give you clean and shiny hair.

Sephora offers hair treatments that will target your specific hair concerns to boost or restore your hair to its natural and healthy look. Hair treatments are especially recommended for those with dry, oily, coloured, curly, or thinning hair. These enriched treatment products nourish your hair roots to restore your hair to its original, healthy and natural state. These treatments work to fortify your hair with proteins, enriched oils and creams, thus strengthening your hair roots for a head of healthy hair.

Hair Styling Products

Transcending the everyday, special occasions and events call for extra-special hairstyles. Whether an elegant updo, long and soft tresses, or slick gelled hair for the men, hair styling products are commonly used to aid in the process of achieving the perfect hairdo. These hair products and tools are vital for both sculpting and holding your hairstyle in place. Creams and sprays help to style, create and hold your hairstyle in place, enabling you to sport that elegant updo for a special occasion. And for the men, hair lotion and pomade can become your best buddies for sculpting your ideal hairstyle.

When it comes to providing for quality hair care products, Sephora ensures you have the best available choices. We carry specialist haircare brands which are sure to rectify your hair woes and provide you with the best hairstyling creams, mousses and sprays. Have a browse through the wide selection of hair products offered on Sephora to find one that suits your specific needs!

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