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Makeup Remover | Sephora New Zealand

It might seem tempting to head straight to bed after a long night out, but think twice before hitting the pillow with a full face of makeup on. Sleeping with makeup on can lead to breakouts, dullness, and accelerated aging. It’s definitely worth taking ten extra minutes to unclog those pores with a makeup remover before calling it a night.

Types of makeup remover

With today’s stay-put makeup, taking it off without causing irritation or dryness takes more than soap and water—especially if your makeup is waterproof. Thankfully, there is no shortage of face makeup remover on the market ideal for every skin types, it’s just a matter of picking which one is best for you. Try an oil-based makeup remover for dry skin to give it a conditioning boost while dissolving makeup or a an oil-free makeup remover for oily skin to keep it balanced. An organic natural remover with a creamy texture is great for sensitive skin, while makeup remover wipes and towelettes are better suited for skin types less prone to sensitivity.

Removing your makeup

Don’t avoid the eye area. If you wear a lot (or even just a little) eye makeup every day, it’s worth investing in a separate eye makeup remover formula, given how delicate the skin there can be and how stubborn eye makeup is, especially if it’s waterproof. Leftover mascara can lead to puffy eyes the next morning (ugh) or, worse, eye infections (yikes!).

How to remove makeup will depend on the formula you choose. Some double as foaming cleansers that you work into a lather, just like your regular cleanser, to lift buildup then rinse off. Others, like gels and oils, dissolve makeup then should be followed by a cleanser to finish the job. Water-based makeup remover, like micellar water, might seem like it’s cleaning while unclogging, but don’t skip out on facial cleanser after.

The bottom line is that the right makeup remover for you comes down to how sensitive your skin is. At Sephora New Zealand, you can find the perfect makeup remover for every skin type at every budget when you shop online.

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